Wicklow’s position as the “Hollywood of Ireland” has been given a major boost by the decision of Wicklow County Council to allow for a 100 per cent reduction in development contributions for film studio infrastructure.

The move will encourage the further development of  film-making facilities in County Wicklow.

Councillors, who approved the initiative today (Monday, 5th October) also agreed to make a case to central government for the raising of the cap on the section 481 tax credit scheme and are seeking an extension of the scheme to 2025, to encourage the development of much needed infrastructure for the film industry.

County Wicklow continues to be the hub all filming in Ireland.

Two major television productions are back in action:

Vikings Series III and IV are currently being filmed all over County Wicklow. Recently filming took place at Baltiboys on the side of Blessington Lakes as well as at Poulaphouca Reservoir in West Wicklow. For some stunning water scenes the quarry beside Kilmacurragh Gardens was flooded last week.

The successful Series Penny Dreadful has been greenlit for production of series 3 later this year which means that both Ardmore and Ballyhenry Studios (where Vikings is based) will be buzzing with activity.

A long list of small productions such as ‘Fergie the little grey tractor’ and ‘Vaudevillains’ are also being shot around the county.

For a free copy of the Wicklow Movie Map call 0404 30800 or email wfc@wicklowcoco.ie.