Wicklow is located on the East Coast of Ireland - click map for larger image of County Wicklow.

Wicklow is easily accessible from Dublin City and Dublin Airport by the M50.

The Wicklow Film Commission can provide you with aerial maps of sections of County Wicklow through our Geographical Information System. We also have a large number of coastal aerial pictures.

Ring us with the name of the town land you are looking for and the features you would like to see displayed such as contours, Special Areas of Conservation etc.

Free County Wicklow holiday maps are available on request from the County Wicklow Film Commission office. (see contact us).

The most detailed map available for County Wicklow is the Ordnance Survey Discovery Series nr. 56, 60 and 62. These maps can be obtained from bookshops and tourist offices.

Map of 16 km zone around Ardmore Studios

Map of 60 km zone from the GPO in Dublin


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