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Review of Oscar-Winning Movie Parasite

The film ‘Parasite’ has made history by becoming the first foreign movie to win the Oscar in the best film category. The film is funny, suspenseful, and tragic. The director Bong Joon-ho has beautifully portrayed the lives of two families in two ends of the socioeconomic scale.

In the movie, there is the Kim family that is headed by Ki-taek and mother Chung-sook. They live in a semi-basement house in an unhygienic street. They have to keep their windows open to get aWi-Fi connection.

Review of Oscar Winning Movie Parasite 1 - Review of Oscar-Winning Movie Parasite

The view from the window is very nasty. On the other hand, the Park family is headed by Mr. Park and Yeon-kyo. They live in an upscale neighbourhood in Seoul. Though the Kim family is poor, all the family members have an amazing bond. On the other hand, the rich Park family is very secluded.

One day the son of the Kim family Ki-woo gets an opportunity to house tutor the daughter of Mr. Park. He sends his sister for the job by making a forged college certificate.

Slowly the father enters the house as a chauffeur and the mother as a caretaker. Ki-woo makes a plan to seize the privileged lives of the Parks. The family of cuckoos finally finds a new nest.

In this movie, you will see how hiring unreliable servants can have horrible consequences. You will love the background music of this movie. The performances of every actor are superb. The story isgripping, and it has a strong social message. The movie is highly recommended to watch.

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