Welcome to "The Hollywood of Europe"
(Jane Seymour, 2000)

County Wicklow, on the East Coast of Ireland has attracted filmmakers since the time of the black and whites.

The County Wicklow Film Commission has been assisting filmmakers for over ten years and has built up a track record that includes Braveheart, King Arthur, The Count of Monte Cristo, Reign of Fire, The Aristocrats and the remake of Lassie.

There are many reasons to make your film in County Wicklow:
• A stunning variety of locations.
• Talented crew.
• Attractive Irish Film incentive.
• Ardmore Studios is located in County Wicklow and houses a wealth of pre and post-production facilities.
• Close to Dublin City (less than 20 kilometres).
• County Wicklow has doubled up as the UK, Scotland, Morocco, Canada, Germany, France and America.
• Local Authorities committed to welcome, assist and support you.

We are here to facilitate your filming needs. Make us your first point of contact for any filming enquiry.

Films Shot in County Wicklow


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