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5 Oscar-winning Movies Worth Watching

Every year lots of movies are made in Hollywood and elsewhere. Not all of them do well at the box office. A few of them get nominated for the Oscars. Films that get nominated for the Oscars get high reviews for the scripts, performances, and direction. All audiences may not like some of these movies, but according to critics and movie experts, they may be masterpieces. If you like watching movies that are good in every aspect, then here are some Oscar-winning movies worth watching. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) This…

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Why-Movie-themed-Slots-Are-Popular Film Reviews 

Why Movie-themed Slots Are Popular

During leisure time most people enjoy watching movies. Some movies make a lasting impression on their minds. They love the story and characters so much that the movie becomes memorable. Online casino game developers understand that people are enthusiastic about movies. Here are some of the reasons why movie-themed slots are popular in online casinos like Wheelz Casino. Familiar themes You will see your favourite movie portrayed in some of the most popular slots. From symbols and free spins to bonuses, everything will be based on that movie. For example,…

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Review of Oscar-Winning Movie Parasite

The film ‘Parasite’ has made history by becoming the first foreign movie to win the Oscar in the best film category. The film is funny, suspenseful, and tragic. The director Bong Joon-ho has beautifully portrayed the lives of two families in two ends of the socioeconomic scale. In the movie, there is the Kim family that is headed by Ki-taek and mother Chung-sook. They live in a semi-basement house in an unhygienic street. They have to keep their windows open to get aWi-Fi connection. The view from the window is…

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