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Wicklow Film Commission is one of the best online movie magazines you will find. Here you will get all the latest news from the movie industry. People read this magazine to know about the release of the latest movies.

They also want information and news about their favourite stars. If you have written for any entertainment magazine before, then here is your opportunity to join our team. We are looking for guest writers to add more content to our magazine.


If you want to write for us, you need to do thorough research on the industry. We are against providing any false news to our readers. Your news must be based on facts from authentic sources. You need to write original content without any plagiarism issues.

The word limit of the article is 500 to 800 words. We believe that readers like reading shorter articles; so, you shouldn’t exceed the word limit. You must choose an interesting title for your article.

Go through our archive and make sure that none of the article topics are repeated. Images are a must with the articles, if they don’t have any copyright issues.


Once you have written the article, you must submit it by email along with the images. We will review your article and if necessary, will ask you to change some of the parts. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors before submitting your article.

If you get accepted as a guest writer for our magazine then it will open doors to many future opportunities. As we promote the articles on different social media channels, you will get good exposure as a writer.

Your profile will get stronger and you may get opportunities in other entertainment magazines as well. If we like your writing, then we may offer you to join us as a permanent writer too.